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The human brain is extremely adaptive and handles day to day events with some changes in mood and occasional overthinking. When we start experiencing stress and anxiety on a regular basis, it starts affecting in different ways more frequently. The following changes (depending on the age group) need professional help:

  • Frequent Mood swings leading to decreased interest in things.
  • Decreased / Disturbed / Increased Sleep.
  • Irritation / anger on little provocation
  • Lack of motivation/ feeling lazy.
  • Excessive unwanted/ unrelated/ bizarre thoughts.
  • Excessive crying
  • Overeating / Undereating/ Binging on snacks.
  • Work output decline / low energy levels / Procrastinating
  • Feeling hopeless/ helpless most times
  • Having self-doubt/ low self-esteem
  • Avoiding situations/ social events/ family parties
  • Feeling breathless/ choking/ palpitations/ acidity/ sweats/ tremors
  • Excessive mobile use / gaming / social media
  • Suspicious thoughts (Self/Others)
  • Addictions
  • Frequent unexplained body pains (low back, shoulder, headaches, migraines, generalised)
  • Feeling of harming self

In Younger age group :

Academic decline, hyperactivity, inattention, avoiding school, bedwetting, crying spells, exam fear, phobias, repetitive actions, irritability, behavioural issues, communication issues, speech deficits, excessive mobile use / gaming, frequent fights with school complaints, poor eye contact, issues with co-ordination, suspecting abuse, locking self in room, harming self, excessive defiance, truancy, sibling rivalry, h/o family/ parental disputes.