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“The past two years have been the most trying time of my daughter’s life. I could see her spiral down. From the first appointment, Dr Savani put us at ease. Not only his treatment plan but with his counselling I could see that my daughter began looking towards the future instead of running from her past. He has not only helped her but the entire family to cope with these times”

Mrs. M. Shah

“I had accompanied my husband for his frequent mood swings off late and smoking habit. We were very hesitant initially and kept postponing the appt. Finally, after consultation, we were shocked to hear that the actual problem dated long back due to his attention deficit leading to wrong ways of coping. Now I see his work output improve and are thankful to Dr Vishal for taking us of this roller coaster life”

Amita S.

“Had taken my son A**** for study issues and poor attention when he was around 10 years. We had a long discussion with separate interview of my child. Initially was not sure if he would speak, as we got him there after a lot of persuasion. Within no time Dr Vishal got A**** talking like long lost friends. We were advised certain reading /writing tests after which he was diagnosed with Dysgraphia/ LD and ADHD. The counselling cleared all our concerns and have been following up regularly till date. We always wondered what will our child do in this competitive world. Now he just got admission to one of the topmost Engineering Institutes of India”

Mr. Prakash

“Dr. Vishal has been superlative. Had difficult time with anxiety and constant worry about what people think about me. He gave me a lot of hope and the counselling sessions focussed on lifting self-esteem. Very practical. no preaching sermons and available on time”

Rahul P.